A Great Run

run-happyWhat a run today!  I felt great and strong and happy to be out there.  I had my breath except for the HILL which wasn’t great but that was just one part of the run.  Challenging and I think challenges are good in a run.  Keeps you on your toes.  Keeping my breath is big because I am still adjusting to my new pace.  I went out strong not trying to be fast but ended up all below 9 mile minutes for 8 plus miles.  surprising but great.  I felt so awesome out there and can say I enjoyed my run today.  Maybe it was because I had a mind that was clear for just 8 short miles for the first time in a long time I didn’t think about where I am in my life.  Usually I do but today was different.  Maybe it was just having talked with a friend about things that weigh my mind down a lot.  Maybe it was that feeling of having made a difference to someone which actually is more like many by just the smallest deed.  Maybe it was the beautiful day.  Maybe it was the fact that my legs felt so strong and I could have kept going.  Maybe it was all of it.   I feel that there are things happening in my life and people coming into my life for a purpose that I have yet to figure out but I can feel the organized specificity of it and am trying to be mindful of all things in relation to my big picture.  It’s easy to be ignorant and oblivious to life and I may have been before but I am not now.  So for 8 miles I was out there  just running and being happy.  Happy and thanking God for all I do have and all the grace he has provided to me and all that he trusts me to handle and figure out in my life.  What a great day!  Thanks for the good vibes and thoughts from afar my friend @cledawgs.



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