“Hey! When Did That Happen?!”

daisiesWeight loss in small increments, the sun setting / rising, time passing, your children growing, wrinkles, growing apart and fitness improvements are all things that I think creep up on you until you say “hey! when did that happen!”.  It’s these little things that we should stop and appreciate or pay attention to before that “hey! when did that happen!” moment gets here.

My fitness has most assuredly improved many times over.  I can now run more than a mile and have completed 2 half marathons with my third on deck next month.  Who knew I would be able to do that but here I am at the “hey! when did that happen!” moment LOL.  Spin class always seems the same but I realized today that I am now regularly working at a higher gear than when I started.  I know that when class starts I’m going to piss and moan in my head about how tired my legs feel just as my Monday runs always feel so hard for some reason.  Once I get going however, I am able to work at a higher effort than I could before.  “hey! when did that happen!”

There’s another “hey! when did that happen!” thought that now resides in my head for contemplation more often than not these days.  A thought that never would have been a thought before I found my running friends on Twitter.  A thought that I swore I would never do.  A thought that now I have taken from my never gonna ever do it bucket and placed in my it’s a possibility bucket.  I have wondered if I could actually run 26.2 miles.  Now I know that I CAN do it because look at all the other people in the world doing crazy things like marathons and even crazier things like running for 24 hours straight or running an ultra.  That is and most likely will stay in the never going to do it bucket.  Now I know never say never but there’s a threshold that my brain won’t cross because it needs to see an end that isn’t far away.  Needs to feel the purpose.  Maybe that’s because I run alone.  Perhaps if I were part of a running group the marathon thing would be a no brainer but I’m just me and I keep it simple and attainable to my skill set right now.  I’m Ukranian so if I think I want to, well I will no doubt.

I would not have considered a marathon before conversing with my Twitter friends who have done it.  I love reading about their adventures.  There are some seriously determined people that I follow who give me strength on down days and make me smile when I just feel defeated.  So to you my friends out there running the good run thank you for giving me something to consider for some point in my life before I die.  It’s like getting a big bunch of daisies just because.   You are the most amazing, funny, inspirational people I have “met”.  I want to be like you when I grow up!  LOL  “hey! when did that happen!”



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