Good Stuff

all good stuffI am finding that I enjoy writing in this blog quite a bit.  It’s like writing in a journal to work stuff out.  I pretend like there are dozens of people that read my words and find inspiration in them haha.  I however do find inspiration in a couple of running blogs.  One just makes me laugh so hard every time she writes.  @kellykkroberts writes frequently in her blog entitled Run, Selfie, Repeat .  I don’t know where she finds the time to write as often as she does but everything she puts out is hilarious to me.  She writes like I think in a lot of her stuff.  If you want a laugh check it out

Another good blog that I like to read is written by @cledawgs entitled Brian’s Running Adventures  Brian is more inspirational for me than funny although his humor is found throughout his writing.  Brian has found purpose in his running that matches his life and everything he does seems to be purpose driven.  I want to be like Brian when I grow up!  I like how he thinks and how thoughtful he is to things.  Reading his blog is like meditating for me because I find it very thought provoking.

Running Through It   is another blogthat I check out here and there.   She writes like I do meaning about everything that hits her brain.  Food, Races, picture blogging on some days which is a very cool idea, Travel, moving, experiences and everything that happens in and around her life.

RUNEATRepeat is written by Monica.  She is just a real person who writes about more than just running.  She writes about her personal accomplishments that include running but other things too.  Running, recipes, weight loss, lifestyle etc.  good stuff for when I am not in my running mind but thinking about stuff that effect my running life.  🙂

Those are my favorite 4 although there are others that I have perused occasionally.  If you are looking for a motivational, inspirational, humorous good read then you should check any one or all of these out!



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