8 Random Thoughts That Got Me Through 9 Miles

Today I made an effort to track what the hell i think about out there on the road on my long runs.  I have read many blogs recently that talk about the mental garbage that passes through your head to pass time during a long run and it made me think.  Other than the everyday stuff that i think about, what kind of stuff is it exactly that I think about over the long miles on Saturday’s long run?  So this week I decided to keep track of what I was thinking about and write it down to see just how screwed up I am an what kinds of silliness I entertain.

Today I do not feel good.  The thought of running 1 let alone 9 miles had me thinking about excuses for not going and I am not an excuse maker.  I even looked at my calendar to see if I had enough time in my training to do a 4 miler and catch up next week.  No such luck so I decided to go and try to make 9 without giving myself pneumonia in the cold morning air.  Pretty much everything from the neck up hurts and I think I may have swallowed several handfulls of glass based on the way my throat is blazing.  So I get dressed in warm clothes, eat some oatmeal, fill my water bottles and don my favorite long run hydration belt and off I go.

I have gotten pretty good at typing while running for the most part and looking at my notes on thoughts I did ok.

Here are my random mental notes during my 9 mile run:

  1. I am not going to look at my watch….I won’t do it…..(totally did it but just 9 times)  MILE 1  nope
  2. I am faster than the slow guy.  There’s a guy I know that looks like he’s in slow motion when he runs. He claims an 8 minute mile but there is NO WAY he runs that..no way!  So happy thought for the day is that even sick I am faster than he is  MILE 2  turtle
  3. Bathroom?  NAH!  I pass a Dunkin Donuts and contemplate the need to use the bathroom….hmm  I decide it’s not bad enough and I keep moving.  MILE 4.5  no-port-o-potty
  4. Feeling OK.  Working up to mile 5 and I am now beginning to feel much more like myself, thank goodness I thought  MILE 4  feeling better
  5. SHUT UP!  My husband texts me back after I tell him that 7:57 is so fast to say that he doesn’t feel fast.  SHUT UP and run my slow 9:00 mile and then you can tell me you feel slow.  MILE 5  shut up
  6. I thought about stopping and actually felt my momentum slow down …DON”T YOU DARE!  MILE 6  when ur done
  7. Hills!  Some days the highway hills are so hard and today is one of those days.  whine whine whine hills whine whine  I wish I was done already  MILE 7  hill running
  8. Flat Yeah!   Finally back on the flat stretch…feeling good and well I could totally go another two or three miles …BUT I won’t MILE 8  happy-runner-copy


So there you have it the 8 random thoughts that went through my head as I whined my way through my run today.  Thanks to my friends for being in my head and willing me through them one by stinky one.  I love you all!

So for those of you who think you can’t do it on any given day, you can and when you think you can’t, think about your own random thoughts and write them down and share them.  Someone is bound to need your words.



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