A Great Day!

me n my buddySo yesterday I took my son down to the Cape Cod Canal to ride bikes.  He has to do this on Sunday to raise money to be able to be on the Robotics team.  $700 buckaronies exactly.  They fundraise for 4 months in order to get enough opportunities to raise the money  so the parents are not burdened.   It was my off day but so beautiful that we just couldn’t stay away and off we went.  We had protein bars, water, helmets and I rode my daughters old bike.  it worked well other than the grinding noise that I couldn’t figure out until I adjusted the gears and realized it was between gears.  I guess it’s been a long time since I rode a bike lol.

I actually taped about two minutes of our ride as I kept telling James to “ride straight”  hahaha  he is a crazy fun kid!     https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205250617251331

In total it was just about 7 miles both ways,14 in total.  The ride starts at the Railroad Bridge and goes all the way to Scussett Beach.  Riding to Scussett was apparently easier than coming back.  We found out that the hills seem harder on the way back but were nearly unnoticeable on the first leg.  I was like Hey look at me riding a real bike…I’m a real girl!  It wasn’t too hot even though there were no clouds.  Maybe that’s because riding a bike gives you a breeze that wisks away the sweat.  There was a little breeze too which helped.  I guess we could have stayed at Scussett a while but we didn’t think to bring bike locks so we ate our food and headed back.

When we got back we got back we were in agreement that we did NOT want to go again.  Both of us felt like we worked hard for a Sunday and were a little tired..actually I was wiped out for the rest of the day and did something along the lines of NOTHING all day except watch football and make applettes.  It was a great day.

All in all it took us just over an hour but it was the best hour of the morning!  We should do that again.  I think we often get too busy with life and chores that sometimes we forget to smell the roses and appreciate a good day.  Me n James did it together.  ❤




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