Cape Cod Canal

10 Miler On The Cape

canal daySunday was James’ Canal ride to raise money for his Robotics club membership.  $700 is a lot of money but he really wants to do it so he’s a fundraising maniac through December.  I decided to change my long run to Sunday and run along the Canal.  As you can see I dressed warm but should have just worn a t-shirt for the run.  Turned out to be warm while running right on the water and I had a choice…strip to my exercise top or overheat.  I stripped.  What a sight that must have been but I felt tons better once I was cooler.

It was a 10 mile run.  Now the canal looks flat but it isn’t really flat.  I could feel all the hills in my legs and actually stopped at the halfway point to walk for a minute or two.  The day was beautiful and sunny and there were just so many people out that it was as someone told me “a blessed day” to be out and they were right.  I tried to enjoy the run but it was tiring and I can say that I counted miles that I wish I enjoyed more and was very happy when it was over.

James rode not just the 10 miles he said he was going to but then another 10.  I’m impressed because I rode the 14 with him last week and that tired me out.  He didn’t have any intention of riding more than his 10 but you know what happens when your friends are around.  He did come back a little worse for the wear as he decided it was a good idea to try out some kids skateboard and proceeded to go ass over teakettle.  Scraped up his arm pretty good but he’s a boy.  The adults running the show cleaned him up, wrapped his marred little arm and off he went on his second 10 miles.  I wish he had raised money per mile versus getting mostly flat donations.  He would have made more money toward his admission fee.  Oh well.   So I sat in the car because of course now I’m cold.  I had a change of clothes but was too lazy to change.  I was warm and that’s what I care about.

Overall, I like runs like this because they are different from my regular routes and force my body to get off autopilot and work harder.  I’d do that run again and maybe I will.



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