5 Of The Best Things About Fall Running

So, yesterday I was out running errands between two of our  offices and didn’t have any particular plans for lunch, however, the minute I got in the car I knew where I was going to spend my 60 minutes.

fall runnongDriving my Saucony straight through 5 miles.   It was so amazing out that I just couldn’t let the day go by without being out there in it for a little while.  Everything great about running for me is always magnified on an early fall day where the temperature is perfect, there’s a breeze, the sun is out and I am alone and rejuvenating.  There are a few things about this time of year that are just my favorite.

  1. I don’t have to wear a coat yet and I’m not cold when I stop –  I hate having to run inside immediately after an outdoor run because it’s either too hot and I’m risking passing out OR it’s too cold and I might just freeze in place.
  2. The scenery – One of the best things about New England is as you may guess, the foliage change in the Fall.  Beautiful colors lining the street and  the trees just take my mind off running even when I’m having a great run.
  3. The pine cones – I happen to have many pine trees near my home and they are scattered along the street like small animals foraging for food.  Little bitty critters to dodge… or if you look closely I guess they look like clumps of poop…I like critters better!
  4. Getting my run done earlier than planned – I love when I can just head out at lunch on a beautiful day when I had planned to run after work and commune with the outdoors.  Nothing beats freeing up time for projects and other things like you know….earlier dinner than an unexpected lunch run.
  5. Everyone is jealous! –  i love finishing a lunch run and watching all the silly goofy faces people make because they wish they could get out of their own way and go running at lunch too.  Hahaha  I just crack up when they start spewing excuses about why they can’t (actually won’t or don’t want to) run at lunch.

So there you have it.  My five reasons why I love running this time of year.



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