The Fun In A Run

Well yesterday I dragged my feet through the morning because I knew 11 miles were ahead and as much as I love running, I was not looking forward to it.  Saturday rained and I was all too willing to trade days but I’m glad I did because it was a beautiful day yesterday.  I thought about how I might enjoy what was ahead more and well I thought about what my friend @BryantMcBride says and break it up the run into little bites.  How would I do this?  Why in @kellykkroberts fashion of course!  Taking pictures!  Now this has an element of laziness to it because truthfully it gave me 11 sure spots to rest for at least :15 seconds to catch my breath.  I hope that doesn’t wreck me for my race in two weeks.  Anyway here are the things that caught my attention each and every mile and broke up 11 miles into fun little bite sized pieces.

WP_20141012_001    Here I go      WP_20141012_002 Mile 1 OOh that’s a pretty tree      WP_20141012_003  Mile 2 …30 MPHs  yeah right!

WP_20141012_004  Mile 3 Red Bull…maybe there’s some left in that can…if there is will i get some wings to help me run better?

WP_20141012_005   Mile 4- that’s a really pretty house      WP_20141012_006  Mile 5… Yard sale!  ooh but I don’t have anything to carry my loot home in ….& no money move on!

WP_20141012_007 Mile 6- nothing interesting so take a picture of the route   WP_20141012_008 Mile 7… more road pics

WP_20141012_009 Mile 8….getting tired.  I hope this business card is for an EMT  WP_20141012_010   Mile 9  …getting close to home..I wonder if I look like a jumper!WP_20141012_011  Mile 10… almost done.    WP_20141012_012  Mile 11 Made it home!  yeah!


Just so random but so much fun to do.  Try it sometime and you might just make your long run a fun run too!  It doesn’t matter how you get through it…just find your motivation, strap your kicks on and off you go!



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