Third Time Is A Charm







It’s official, I have now completed three half marathons.  Now I realize that this is not the greatest feat in the world but it’s mine and every time I cross the finish line I am incredibly proud of myself for doing something that so many have not.  Although this race felt just as good as the first time I ran it, it wasn’t quite as fun.  I did this one all by myself.  My family stayed home to take care of the things that filled up their day.  I was ok until I was waiting to line up and then I wished I had someone there to greet me at the finish.  Just not the same celebrating by yourself and the expo wasn’t as fun either.  If I wasn’t looking for something for my husband I would not have driven over.  It wasn’t at the finish line, it was a mile or so away and knowing I wasn’t going to buy anything made it a little less appealing to go.  I guess other than picking up that one thing, I went to wear my medal out in public.  LOL!  I felt a little lonely but it was nice to end the race with the expo atmosphere.


Next time I’m going to plan race2  to buy  one thing for myself just like a reward for following through.. like I wouldn’t! ha! This race was great because it was a PR!  YEP I PR’d!  My first half I ran in 2:01 and change.  The Lynchburg VA half was 2:02 but the hill, as you might recall from that race post in August was a MF and killed my legs…2:02 was pretty g!!ood given that hill and the hilly miles 5-10.  THIS race I did in 1:59:07!!  I would have finished a minute or so earlier but I had to stop to strip. Yes i know I should have had a zip up jacket instead of a half zip pull over…should have known better.  That won’t happen again.  🙂  The stop was around mile 3 or 4 and of course my phone dropped and fell apart and I had to fix that and then tie my jacket around my waist and re-pin my bib….etc.  what a pain in the butt!   All while watching my pack of runners run away and what seemed but probably wasn’t thousands of runners passing me…talk about hurry up and get going.


The surprise about this race is that I figured it was the same route that it was the last time.  NOPE they changed the route.  Mostly ok but someone like me doesn’t like surprises like that.  One thing when it’s a new race that I’ve never run before because I don’t know what to expect but this was a bit of a surprise.  It did help me to keep my mind busy wondering where we were going…running miles and miles it is always good to have things to think about!

race1The race experience itself was good.  Weather was wonderful and generally people seemed glad to be there.  I don’t know what it was but this race seemed more tiring to me.  13.1 is still 13.1 but maybe it was the route, maybe it was so much time thinking about what the route was, maybe it was the horrible rib stitch I got at mile 8 that made me think about walking, or maybe it was the dry oatmeal washed down with lemonade that I had before the race started!  eeeewwww  I know.  I was more concerned about getting a good parking spot than the hot water to eat my pre-race food.  lol  

So I don’t know what it was, maybe all of it but I felt fatigued this race.  I did have my cliff bar that I picked on every few miles after mile 5 and I did drink nearly every mile.  Who knows but at mile 6 we turned around and I race7felt like I had done a ton of hills.  When I got the side stitch at mile 8 I started looking forward to finishing.


At mile 10 I was counting and at 12 I couldn’t wait to finish.  My legs felt so heavy and at that point I thought to myself….self, are you actually thinking you could do a MARATHON???? stupid girl!  you feel bad at 12 how the hell do you think you would do 26.2??  I’m Ukranian so self humiliation doesn’t work….guilt trips do however!  That is a consideration for another day.  My Twitter friends are soooo inspirational to me and encouraging that the challenge remains in the possibility bucket not the never gonna do it bucket.

All along the route, I smiled and posed for all camera’s ..so my race photos would look good of course, because I didn’t have my own photographer there to take pics.  I saw significant others and family all along the way who were running from spot to spot taking pictures and greeting runners.  Those people are great!  Since I didn’t have an entourage I made the most of the resources that were in place.  As I crossed the finish line I thought of my friend Kelly Roberts (@kellykkroberts) who thinks you should cross the line with style.  So I did a leap of success and I hope they got it!! Pictures are not posted yet.   I can’t thank my fav’s enough for being in my head this race and in my heart.  You pushed me when I shouldn’t have needed pushing in what was explained to me earlier in the day as a “wicked easy” race.  I was soooo happy to have you and thought of you often.  When I was done I was glad.  I got my tinfoil blanket and some food and headed to see my stats on the really cool instant results terminals they had set up. You can see my results above.  My legs ached and my butt too but I once again finished in great time for me which of course raises the bar for me for next year if I run it again. 🙂

My family as you can see was waiting with confetti and posters of congratulations and big hugs for me and my PR.  They are so great and greeted me with smiles and cheers.  I missed them at the race but I was very happy to see them when I got home…if they had come to the race there would not have been any surprises and confetti at home so woo hoo thank you for staying home.  You extended my happiness a bit longer.  I am now thinking about signing up for a December half marathon right here in my home town.  Its December and that makes me nervous but it would keep me training a bit longer through part of the winter and that is appealing to me.  Great day, Great family, Great accomplishment.








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