What Was I Thinking?

frosty logoI completed the Cape Cod Half Marathon just over 48 hours ago.  This was supposed to be my final race for the year.  I was happy thinking that now I was headed for a season of gym routines and extra rest days.  I was looking forward to planning out a new routine and putting together a new menu plan paired with some reading up on nutrition.  So do you know what this crazy runner did?  I SIGNED UP FOR ANOTHER HALF MARATHON!  Yup and it’s in December to boot.  I guess I wanted to run in the cold to add that to the fall and summer races I’ve run.  What do I think I’m doing?  Don’t I think that I have had enough for 2014?   I guess not!  This one is great because the start is  mile from my house and on all the roads that I have run before.  It helps that I like the medal  too.  I think I’m becoming a medal monger as I call them.  Finding races with cool medals.  The way I figure it, if I’m going to train for 12 weeks then I’m going to get a really cool reward for it right?  RIGHT!

This race is a good  way for me to meet some of the members of the running group that runs it.  If I pursue my thoughts of running a full marathon I will need friends …the kind I can hug and talk to face to face.  It would be better if I could hand pick my running team like a race day outfit and they would just move for the training time to be at my beck and call but alas I must expand my relationships a bit and find people that actually live somewhat near me.  Anyway this group has a neighbor of mine who is helping to run the race.  She just crossed over to Ultra Marathoner status by running 30 miles….  holy shit..30 freaking miles!  That is so inconceivable to me right now.  I ended up doing 13.48 in Falmouth on Saturday and I was tired.  30 makes me want to vomit on my keyboard right now.  I am just wowed by her and every other person, @cledawgs, I know who has ventured into that arena.

So I am probably following some weird but normal path of a runner progression that I just haven’t read about yet.  I am even looking into stupid compression socks which I can’t stand but for no other reason than I just think they look stupid…I’m sorry to all my Twitter friends that wear them.  I just don’t like the look…I feel like I would look like an idiot…probably more that I’d feel like one.  Anyway, I’m planning on trying them just to have them for longer runs to see how they feel.  I’ll give them a whirl!  So instead of 2 halfs this year it ends up that I’ll do three.  Makes me wonder what 2015 will bring and where it will take me.  I hope to run at least a half somewhere that finds me running with the people I have grown to like so much.  Who knows.  It’s an adventure that I am looking forward to quite a bit.  I hope to encourage or inspire someone else to start running through my writing or the happiness that oozes out of me when I talk about running.  Running changed me for the better and saved my life in many hypothetical, literal and cliche ways.  It is like a great friend who I like spending many hours with.  It runs in my veins.  I hope if you are wondering about running or struggling with challenges in your life that these words help to lead you to take your first steps and never look back.



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