keep-calm-and-focus-on-prioritiesLately I have had the fortune to contribute to the winter play that my sons are in.  I am part of the set crew and have been put in charge of designing and painting some of the set pieces.  Thus far I have personally only “created” one piece from conception to sketching to drawing / painting and bringing it to life.  It’s just a stupid tree but to me its the most beautiful thing I’ve created lately.  It’s coming out wonderful and I find myself thinking about working on it to make improvements ALL DAY LONG.  MY mind drifts to the moment the clock hits 5:00 and I’m free to go do something that brings me joy.  Crafting is a passion for me.  I have always loved crafting and creating things.  I write poetry, I blog, I can paint, bake , draw and many other things.  I find I can get lost in a craft and it makes me happy.  It helps on days when I’m feeling mad, sad or crabby.  Lately having these things has been super helpful.  So this is where my mind is lately and I fight to keep focused on my daily work because I am flat out buried and really have to maintain my concentration on the things that need to get done.

My struggle with this struggle is that I feel like my running is taking a beating on behalf of my new project.  I should be running 5-3-5 during the week and the last two weeks I’ve run 3-3-3 and 3-5 and we’ll see how I do tonight.  I just get so excited to work on it that I am cutting corners on my mid week training.  NOW, my half marathon was two weeks ago.  Last week I told myself that it would be ok to take one week light and after all I’m not NOT running right?  This week on Monday I just did 3 and thought for a few minutes that my knees ached a little.  Not usual for me but I jumped right on the excuse justification bandwagon without really analyzing whether or not my knees did indeed hurt.  So feeling guilty, Wed morning I ran 5 forcing myself to go the longer distance and beating myself up the entire way!  I have not sacrificed anything on the long runs on Saturday because I can’t. In fact I ran a different more difficult route this time because I wanted to do some hills.  My next race is in my hometown on roads I know but haven’t necessarily run for a while.  So I did at least work hard when I needed to and I’m happy about that.

My issues is that I don’t like sacrificing the one thing that I love and am totally devoted to for something that is just “fun”.  I’m like a 5 year old having cookies before dinner just because I want to even though I know I’m not supposed to.  I have to get a grip!  My race is 5 weeks away and I want to be in good / better shape.  Gotta get it done.  On the bright side I did get to the gym once this week to start weights again (another reason I skipped out on 5 monday …justified that I didn’t want to “overdo” it – seriously!)  I hope tonight I get to do running and the weights again before the ants in my pants take over and throw me in the car and drive me home to my project.  I have to stay focused and until now it hasn’t been a problem.  Nothing was getting in my way…maybe I”m taking a life breath because I’m in a better place and happier than I have been in a long time.  I don’t mind that as long as the fat lazy excuse maker doesn’t come back when I’m not looking.  She’s not invited here anymore.

I would say that my Twitter life is distracting too but fortunately i can run and Tweet.  In fact i’ve made this fun project out of running thanks to my Twitter community.  They seemingly make the hard days fun which makes me do the same.  Who knows if anyone actually reads what I post but I pretend like everyone just can’t wait to read these words.  LOL,  I can also paint and Tweet, eat dinner and tweet, work pretty focused and give a little love to Twitter during the day and I can watch tv and chat with my Twitter friends.  I don’t have a priority problem there, just an obsession with  some of the greatest people I have gotten to know a little better who motivate the shit out of me and seem to encourage me to be a better me.

So the goal through my race in Dec is to kick my ass to do the mid week runs that I’m supposed to when I’m supposed to do them & add two days of weights and core work on Mon and Fri along with Spin on Tuesdays.  Nothing crazy and no more two fer days at the moment but these are the priorities that cannot be sacrificed.  Oh and I think I want to find a running group but for now I’m a loner member of a cyber running group.  For now that will have to do. Priorities.  Not always easy to stay focused on or manage but manageable when you focus on them.








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