Just Not Feeling It

It’s been 10 days and usually I don’t have trouble finding a topic to write about because I just spew my thoughts down figuring I am the only one reading it and well, I think I’m interesting but the world however probably rolls its eyes when the “new post” pings to cyberspace. Anyway I just feel like one big case of writers block lately.  The truth is I’m struggling and I can’t seem to focus.  Yesterday I went out in 31 degrees kicking and screaming for my scheduled 10 mile run.  I hated every minute of it except when I was done.  I did everything to stay as close to home as possible because I felt like quitting and didn’t want to be far from home when that happened because it was cold.  I started off in a bad mood (Sunday) and it got progressively worse because my hydration bottle was leaking pretty bad.  It’s always leaked but in the summer when it does it’s nice to have an on-board AC unit.

ac dog Yesterday it seemed almost like someone was squeezing the bottle.  So half my back was wet..wetter than just good old perspiration and at just about freezing, give or take a few degrees, I knew I couldn’t stop or quit for fear of Pneumonia.  I guess that’s why I didn’t go home when I felt it, I probably figured I needed to be out there beating myself up on the road and trying to set my mind straight.  I just wasn’t feeling it, that happy feeling that until yesterday accompanied me running.  The euphoria that pushes me along like a friend encouraging me at every mile.  The feeling that I’m doing what so many others cannot usually compels me to keep striding along.  Not yesterday.  I was counting the damn steps until I was done.  My hip was a bit sore even today I can still feel it on my right side at the ball joint just past the side of my leg at the hip connector.  My heels hurt for the first time in a couple of weeks too.   WHINE WHINE WHINE!

WHINEEven today I feel like I’m really happy that it’s an off day.  Tomorrow is spin and I do look forward to that.  I can’t look beyond that but I hope the monkey on my back goes away because it was better when I was happy in more ways than one.



Maybe I just need a nap:





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