A Great Run

RUNINDARKI am just under two weeks before my last race for the year.  I am happy it is nearly here but I am nervous about the off season.  I find that lately postponing runs or just skipping them altogether has happened too much since my October Half.  I don’t like that and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve tripled my races this year and I’m tired, because they have all been back to back or just because it’s winter.  I know the snow is coming and the thought of running on the DM makes me ill.  It isn’t the same as taking advantage of an outdoor run.   If the snow stays at bay I can continue to run outside.  The fact that I have so easily put off my workouts bothers me.   Complacency is what that is.  Being in a better place where happiness is can be dangerous.  Complacency.   THAT word teamed up with the indifference and depression twins and took over my life at one point.  Those are not good friends to have.  This year is no different from so many other winters that have gone past.  It’s always difficult to get out, it always has a lack of enticement to it that we all, as runners, deal with.

This year I was lucky enough to find strength and inspiration online.  I have gotten to know some amazing people through conversation, following their activities & blogs & posts and through reading some articles they were nice enough to share with the rest of us.  Today as I went out for the most amazing run in a long time I took them with me.  I like running at 5am because it’s dark and I always feel fast running in the dark.  The first part of my route runs parallel to the highway which is easily seen through the leafless trees.  I felt like I was running a race with the traffic which amused me a little.  On the mornings I run in the dark I take my headlamp and don the brightest reflective vest ever.  I feel like it has lights in it making it glow.  For some reason in my old age I don’t want to get run over…go figure.

As I ran today my breath floated out of my mouth and up my face and into the light stream of my headlamp.  It obstructs my vision every time.  Would that be a good defense if I got into an accident? LOL.  The sky turned from clear black to navy to blue gray then as the sun peeked out it became purple, pink, orange and yellow.  It looked like someone painting a picture with water colors.  So pretty!  I could have run further today because it seemed almost effortless.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t cold.  Maybe it was because I set my pace so that I could breathe easily.  Maybe it was because I was just looking forward to it.  I am not sure but my pals were with me as I ran bringing joy to my day and a lightness to my step.  Perhaps I needed to start the day on the road with my friends for some unknown reason that I will never discover.  Sometimes you just have to have faith that God is in charge and say thank you for what you are being directed to do and are given.  Today I am thankful for many things including the ability to run.


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