Crazy or What?

crazySo here I sit and do you know what this crazy person was doing just the other day?  I was mapping out 2015 and all the races I wanted to do.  It looked pretty ambitious because for some reason I think I might do some kind of race a month.  Not a half every month because I think that’s crazy and YES I do know runners who have done this, my husband Rob included.  I don’t think I want to do that  but then again I didn’t think I would run a half marathon EVER.  I laugh every time I think about telling my co-worker in 2011 that I would NEVER run 13.1 miles.  HAHA that was a lie!  I enjoy the success of them too much.  They do a ton for my self esteem.  I hope I can always run.  For now A mix of 5k, 10K and 3-4 half marathons are in my vision.  We’ll see how 2015 plays out but it’s nice to feel alive again and be planning things and have goals.




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