Running Friends!

prs_running_clubI had the opportunity to run with other people yesterday and it was great!  The time passed quickly, it was nice having someone to talk to about running and they are new runners so I felt like the queen of running for 3 miles.  Haha it was amusing to me because I don’t feel like an expert…I still feel like a new runner.  I guess in the grand scheme of things I am still a beginner sort of.  I don’t mind thinking of myself as still being a learner because that means that I am open to the wisdom of those who are better runners and have been at it longer.  I hope I always consider myself a beginner for that reason alone.  It was fun to slow my pace down to keep them motivated, although one of the two of my new friends had a little knee issue so we ran on while he walked.  He didn’t quit and that will serve him well in their upcoming race this April.  Too bad they live so far away.  It helped me realize that I definitely want to find running friends.  It was motivating to not have to motivate myself for once without being in a racing environment.  I think I found another 2015 goal.


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