The 7 Faces Of Motivation

I find that motivation not only comes and goes at times, it also is found in the weirdest places and things in my life.  new duds

  1. Sometimes it is a great day that is so wonderful that it entices me out.
  2. Sometimes time constraints are motivational because if you don’t go in a small window during your day you won’t get the run in and then you have another problem on your hands, living with your conscience for not going!
  3. Sometimes motivation comes from running with someone else.  Whether that person is a new runner who may / may not share your new or existing enthusiasm for running.  This particular motivation I find is great because the time passes so quickly and having someone with you helps you forget that you may not want to head out on the days where you struggle to find the “want to”. I have had the good fortune to run with friends twice this very week.
  4. In my short running career I have found many days where I am motivated by anger, frustration and stress.  I have learned that on these  days I need to run.  I usually run hard and mad and actually faster than usual because I’m beating myself up trying to rid myself of a wrath that my family most likely does not deserve.
  5. Sometimes I get out there and run because well, in all fairness I have an event and I want to feel like I deserve to wear the dress or the outfit that I have picked out or purchased!  LOL!  These days, event attire is much more form fitting than the old me would have worn.  I feel so much better now than I probably have since a day that I can no longer remember.  Lets just say pre-wrinkle days.  Some days you just have to do it!
  6. Many days a race is the motivator because when you are in training … you are IN training and have to stay faithful even on bad days.
  7. Then there are days like today where I already have my run in for the day (Thanks Jess!) but cannot wait until tomorrow.  WHY?  Because I bought a brand new running top as you can see over there in my picture and I totally want to go out for a run and show it off!  I love running when I think I look good because I feel like a Goddess!  I know it’s more like this but I don’t care:HowILookWhenIRun



So no matter if you share any of my motivational reasons or have others all your own, all that matters is that you get out there and run.  It doesn’t matter why or when or if it’s day or night.  Get out there and just do it because it’s so good for you both physically and mentally!



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