My Accidental New Years Resolution

new-years-resolution-be-more-awesomeIt’s here like any given weekend that one looks forward to during a busy week.  My off season.  I’ve had for me, an incredibly packed year for running in the last 6 months.  I have never thought about races beyond one because before last year I only tackled 5K’s and randomly at that.  I don’t think I considered myself a runner before this year.  I’m not sure where the mental line is but this year I planned my races and had a training plan for each.  I now think about running even when I’m not training for a race whereas before this year I ran faithfully but not because I loved it.  I was angry and running fiercely for very different reasons. Now I run because it’s become part of me and because I feel good and happy and healthy.   I look forward to lacing up my kicks and getting “:me time” in even on days where I don’t feel quite as enthusiastic about getting out there.  This off season is a challenge to see just how motivated I am without a race and a training plan backing my weekly runs

So after my half I had decided that I would cut back on weekly miles as one does in their “off season” and hadn’t implemented a long run into my plan probably because I didn’t know what I wanted that long run to be.  Yesterday was the first run longer than 3 miles since my half on Dec 14th.  I have decided that off season weekday runs will remain at 3 and long runs kept to the weekends should be 5-7.  I’m not sure where that plan came from but it sounded like a good plan for the winter.   I am seriously hoping that winter stays warmer this year like it was 3 years ago when I had the good fortune of running outside for lack of snow.

I’ve started mapping out races for next year which I have never done in the 3.5 years I’ve been running.  I’m looking forward to 3-4 halfs this next year as a primary goal but still haven’t committed to “the big one’ yet.  These things take time for me and eventually I’ll get there, perhaps sooner than later but I’m not pressing myself to “do it’ just because others say I should.  I’m working on it.

I am also working on working in a weight routine for the off season.  I killed my weight training months ago because I was afraid I was doing too much with my training and swimming and weights and zumba and spinning.  That was a lot to pack into a training plan and I felt like I was asking for injury.  I’ll find a moderated plan that works.

The other thing I want to re-implement are morning shakes.  I was at one time a shake crazy person.  All breakfasts were blended and I feel like I was about 10 lbs lighter.  I would like to add shakes in again in a somewhat planned manner because I was getting more nutrients in the foods I don’t eat unless they are liquid.

So I have a few goals to set and an off season plan to put in place in the next week.  I guess I have my New Years resolution!


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