Yesterday I started reading Onward!: The absolute, No B.S., Raw, Ridiculous, Soul-Stirring TRUTH about Training for Your FIRST MARATHON by Brooke Kreder.  I tripped across her information this weekend in a post put up by a friend of mine.  So sitting around post-christmas doing nothing but surfing the internet and trying to see who was actually up that early found me looking into her and her seemingly sarcastically nature d depictions of training for a marathon.  I love her style!   Very much like my sarcastic straight from the hip nature.  It’s a gift, it’s a curse but it’s me.  I’m hooked on this book because it doesn’t tell me what I should do.  It doesn’t tell me what I should eat.  It doesn’t even tell me what experts I should follow or what shoes I should wear.  OnwardI am a linear individual and I live needing to know what is to come.  I don’t like travelling somewhere for the first time because I don’t know where I’m going.  I don’t like it when people I love don’t tell me everything and share everything because I feel like that makes our relationship a big freaking lie and I’m only privy to what they feel I need to know.  Really??!  Anyway I don’t like being in situations where I’m not sure about what is going to happen.  I ran 13.1 miles before my first half because I had to know what it was like and to have one under my belt before the actual race.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think I could do it, it was that I needed to know what the miles would be like and that I had already handled it.  THAT is why I like this book.  It tells me what I’m in for in a way that I would tell it to someone who needed to know.  I don’t know why I’m like this… I just am.  When I got married we planned the entire night out to the hour it would happen so we knew that everything we wanted to happen would take place.  We gave the damn DJ an agenda with what he should play for each event and at what time we wanted that to happen.  I’m a little OCD in a way but I’m ok with that!  🙂  So this book is great because it is exacly what I need to know.  All the rest I’ll handle myself like what to eat and drink and when.  I’ve done a race so managing that I know needs to be an individual thing.  The thing I would have wanted to know if I didn’t already know it would be that I should learn to manage eating and hydration during a race.  So I am looking forward to finishing this book soon and ma so happy I found it.  Thanks to whomever was talking about it over the weekend.  For someone still in the contemplation stages I think it’s beneficial to read just from the perspective of what is to come and wrapping your mind around whether or not you WANT to do it.  I don’t think it’s a matter of IF you could do it because I know I could and probably will.  You have to WANT to __________.  Whatever it is you have to start with wanting it badly enough to make it happen.  Whatever that is I assure you that you can do it.  I have faith in you.



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