My Secrets To A Happy Life

I have come to look at life from a different perspective in the last few years.  Maybe it’s because I’m leaving behind the worst time of my life.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and older people seem to have wisdom.  Maybe it’s because we are about to look at another new year and this is the time of year when people tend to review their lives and make resolutions.  My resolutions are really more like goals and continued improvement for things I’ve already begun working hard on.  So I will not make “resolutions” per se.  People have different ideas about what is important in life and in the last few years and more recently I have narrowed it down to my great 8.  These are the things that I cannot live without and on which I could survive without much more and excluding the obvious job, money etc.  These things make my life complete.  Listed mostly in order depending on the day…the first one never changes.  What are yours?

princeofpeace13_thumb1 Belief in Jesus Christ.  Knowing that he is in charge, maintaining a good relationship with him and leaning on him when you need to.



The finish Determination a with which you can do anything!  Healthy eating helps here too



smileA smile !  Healthy eating helps you have the strength to show that beautiful smile

us Love!  Healthy eating will keep you both around longer

saucony-running-shoes A good therapist !!  Healthy eating will give you strength to use that therapist

fam Family!  Healthy eating helps you help others


spin Fitness to your own ability!


truth A positive attitude outlook!


There you have it, my secrets for a happy life!




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