It’s Not A Goal Until You Write It Down!

So a friend of mine called out his friends on Facebook to post their goals on his page in order to hold  them accountable for their mile commitments.  So I did a mental synopsis of 2014.  Now I did part of the year with Map My Run and part of the year with my Garmin and then there were the days where I ran with nothing.  There’s definitely room for error in this guestimate you can see right?  So I had tried to calculate the number recently, so I had a ballpark figure of around 900 miles.  Garmin was 553.27 and Map My Run (MMR) logged 143.78 which totals 697.05.  Factor in some unlogged miles because of user stupidity in forgetting my watch or having trouble getting MMR to catch the satellites.  Ok so what might that be 50 miles MAYBE?  so that brings us to 747 miles for the year.   The missed runs are few between so there really aren’t that many miles I can add in that will raise the final number.

So…for whatever the reason I thought I was around 900 miles.  So what did this runner do?  I posted that I would do 1200!  No typo there folks, I did indeed commit to TWELVE HUNDRED MILES for 2015.  Whoa baby I better get my arse moving!  My thought is that aggressively adding double the miles over the course of a year is reasonable albeit plainly insane for me but I am a pigheadded Ukranian and YUP I will do my best to hit that mark.  Is it doable with two active boys in sports, full time, a college freshman still working her life out,  work and regular work / life responsibilities… I guess it is on paper.  In life it may not be but what is life without challenges to chase.  So there it is, my largely overcommitted 2015 goal.  In reality if I make 800 I will be happy but my goal is to kick 1200 in the face!   After all if you don’t write it down, it’s not really a goal is it?  Here’s to the new year!

write it down



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