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Just Go With It!

So yesterday I blogged about having committed to a crazy amount of miles FOR ME.  Yep 1,200 to be exact.  I’ve had time to let that silly number sink in.  I have giggled about it several times today but me being me did what me does best…. I set January’s fitness calendar because as my friend @cledawgs has said recently “state them in public to be accountable when it gets tough.”  So not only did I set my Jan schedule, I sent it out to two of our 8 offices and invited them to join me for any one of my weekly commitments!  Why just 2 offices?  because it’s too far for the others to trek reasonably.  So I kept it realistic in whom I invited and put it out there for all to see.  I may have to send daily updates to show follow through and possibly motivate others to get off the couch.  I do love motivating people and winter is a time when everyone needs to be motivated who is not already so moved to motion.  So in order to be fair I am sharing my monthly commitment with you as well because after all, most of the people on Twitter are my favorite group of people.   The yellow block is my 1,200 mile commitment, green is what is already done and purple is my go get em, rip it up, work it out workouts.

What is your January commitment? 





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