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Special Shoes, Booger Shakes and Evil M&M’s

random thoughts

Things I learned today:

  • If I want to get the most out of spin class I will need to invest in some crazy ugly shoes right out of Forrest Gump!  I suppose in a room full of people wearing Gump’s it doesn’t matter and everyone is fashionable but I don’t have to like them.  They remind me of bowling shoes!  I inquired with my spin instructor about why they make special shoes and if I am missing the bus by not having them.  She said the the shoes almost never wear out, which unlike my running shoes, is awesome!  She also said that the shoes clip into the bike pedals so that you are properly pedaling with the right muscles.  So in other words, I’ve not been truly dominating that steel stallion because I don’t have the right equipment.  I may just have to invest the $70 or so dollars to get me an invincible pair of spin kicks.  As a side note on spin class, Kellie tried to kill us today but I survived through sheer will power.  Ok it was more like not wanting to quit in front of the class or the new girl who was struggling next to me.  What kind of amazing spinner would I be if I didn’t triumph with a smile for all to see.
  • I have gone back to making booger shakes for breakfast and frosting that with a half a wheat bagel with peanut butter.  I can tell you that I truthfully feel more energetic and ready for my day after having consumed this green glass of goodness.  I had cut it out for a while trying to bring down the ever growing food bill with two big hungry boys, a husband that can put some food down and a picker college student ..oh and me.  I’ve decided that I’m getting more nutrients in my shake and I definitely think I start my day off better with them.
  •  M&M’s are evil!   Just no way around this one peeps.  I don’t know if it’s as a result of eating feta cheese or not because after feta I always get hungry for sweets.  I do know that the goodies in the break room at work are still trickling in and M&M’s seem to brainwash me into thinking they are good for me because I can’t keep my hands out of the bag!  In fact I take a Styrofoam coffee cup and pour myself a good sized puddle of them into the bottom and bring them back to my desk.  two handfuls later I snap out of my daze and throw them, cup and all, into the trash for some garbage picking rodent to make lunch out of tomorrow.  I’ll say it again: “M&M’s are evil!”

So there are my thoughts for today.




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