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Are You Crazy?


Today it is cold…YEP 24 freezing degrees out and colder with nasty Mr. Wind factor!  When i left the house for work it was 13 degrees.  I packed my running bag with mid day run stuff (lots of layers) as well as my outfit for my tentative evening class at the gym.  It was scheduled to warm up to a tolerable temperature (24) and in all fairness I have run in 19 degrees so 24 is no problem with the right layering strategy.  So lunchtime rolls around and I head up to change into my multi-layered all to ridiculous, pom pom hat bearing, tight donning, double underarm wearing outfit.  After all it’s a regular off season mid week run that I have set at 3 miles.  I’ve decided that I’m not straying from this number.  It is OFF season and there is no reason to stray from the number I was putting up mid week even during training.  So I finally finish layering up and feel a little like Ralphie from A Christmas Story:


ralphie Maybe not quite this “fluffy” but nonetheless a bit more rotund than I was before I went up to change!  So lets see:  tights (no not fancy running tights but plain old fashioned old lady who doesn’t want to get cold in the winter tights), socks, running pants, bra top, under armour #1, under armour #2, lined wind breaker, gloves, neck muffler, bandanna all topped off with a silly looking but ever so effective goofy pom pom hat with long sides and ties!  Whew that took way too long to pull on.  I’m now re-evaluating my thought of ever buying compression socks because not only do I think they look STUPID now thanks to Brooke Kreder I know they take entirely too long to put on!  LOL


nikSo I’m all garbed up with my music cascading out of my ear buds that are jammed into my phone which is stuck down with the girls.  I stretch and out from one of the sales cubes pops the head of my friend and colleague Nicole.  Now Nicole has the greatest hair in the world.  It is this awesome red Ombre hair.  I call it liquid sunset and it’s just perfect.  I of course could never pull that off so I have to secretly be in love with hers.  She knows it and laughs at me but it’s so awesome to look at!  See for yourself!  Sorry I digress!

Ok, so Nicole pops her head out of her cube and she looks something like this as she exclaims ” You are NOT going out today right?  You are CRAZY!”



To which another person parrots the same Crazy statement to which I just simply say “You gotta do it ya know.”  I now feel a little like William Wallace heading out into battle with my peeps thinking “you’re crazy”!  but OK.  I smile because now I feel that although heading out into 24 degrees just to say I did my stupid 3 miles that could have been done on the dreadmill (only if I HAVE TO) may be a little insane, it is something others won’t do, didn’t do and some can’t do.  I feel a little special.  I might just get my own autograph…ok no I won’t but it’s kinda like that.

The run wasn’t bad at all because I was properly dressed and didn’t go overly fast.  Garmin says my first mile was 8:05 but that would be a lie, I just can’t prove it right now.  I do NOT run 8:05 not yet anyway.  I don’t care if it were 9:05 or 9:35 because today was just about sticking to my plan and getting it done.

I will say that I scrapped my evening class but I’m ok with that because I already went on a run today and I have an incredible sense of accomplishment for not having quit just because it wasn’t perfect..what run is?   not many.










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