2015 · Marathon · Reading

What I’ve Learned

learnI’m just about finished with my latest read Onward by Brooke Kreder.  I loved this book because it was about the experience not the actual training for the marathon.  This was exactly what I needed to read about.  I am beginning to fill my brain with knowledge to support my argument for or against running “THE BIG ONE”.  Of course if you are my friend Brian, the big one is just a warm up but I have learned to say that’s him and not me.  He’s amazing and I love reading all about his adventures as an Ultra Marathoner.  You can check him out if you like:  http://briansrunningadventures.com/.  It will blow your mind!

There are a few things I have learned from reading this book.

  • I absolutely can run a marathon
  • It’s not about time it’s about finishing.  I had to re-learn this one since having finished not one but 4 half marathons it’s been about beating my own time.  Now I would have to go back to the just focus on finishing mentality.  That’s not so hard but I had to dig it out of the mental closet I had packed it away in.  I’m there.
  • If Brooke can get ready for a marathon sort of alone then I can do it alone too.  It’s more that I don’t want to versus can’t.
  • I go back to something I learned from someone last fall who has run many marathons: “you have to break it down”.  I know I could break that baby down into 5 mile increments and mentally make it in thought anyway, easier to wrap my brain, heart and stamina around.
  • I sorted out a few things that I will look for in a race should I make that commitment this year.
  • I will not quit once I cross that line and I’m getting there.

So I will take some time to educate myself and learn about other peoples experiences and mentally take my own hand as we shove off into 2015 with some pretty defined ideas of what we want the year to be.  Stay tuned.



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