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One Down On The Step Up


Well last week was the first week of an improved fitness schedule and except one class that was missed due to scheduling issues with kids sports I stuck to my plan almost perfectly.  I added a muscle class which I totally underestimated until my legs were hating me two days later.  Ok, I’ll go back to that one this week for sure.  I added an on demand yoga class which I’m on the fence about.  I am not only not good at this yoga stuff but I don’t exactly bend like Barbie the instructor does.  I realize this is the first time I’ve done yoga so I’m going to give it a month or two to grow on me.  I know that stretching and flexibility takes time and practice and only doing it once per week needs a bit more leeway than just one time.  I only made it 18 /25 minutes.  When the video got stuck I quit but felt like I had done enough for the night to know I need to come back and do it again.  I ran as scheduled except traded my long run day on Saturday to Sunday.  Necessary since we spent the entire day at a wrestling match.  When I say ALL day I mean ALL Day and if we wanted to eat this week, food shopping was higher on the priority list.  Truth be told..if I wanted good food to pack for everyone and leave for the kids at home on Saturday shopping was a priority.  Good trade in my mind.  So my week worked out like this:

SUN: OFF  |  MON:    RUN 3  |  TUES:  SPIN  |  WED:  RUN 3  (DM)  |  THURS:  MUSCLE  CLASS

FRI:  RUN 30 min on Eliptical,   Yoga 18 min  |  SAT:  OFF

I’m not achieving regular two fer’s like I have scheduled but one in the week is better than zero.  This week if I match last I’ll say it’s successful.  I hope to get a lap swim in and at least one more double in there.  So this week I’m aiming for:

SUN: Run 5 (DM) CHECK!  |  MON:    RUN 3  |  TUES:  SPIN, Swim 10 laps  |  WED:  RUN 3   |  THURS:  MUSCLE  CLASS  |FRI:  RUN 3,   Yoga   |  SAT:  OFF

Now in addition to that I am aiming to add in a smoothie 3x – 4x this week for breakfast, no pm snacking, more  water less coffee, more protein shakes after mid day runs and smaller meal portions with more day snacking.  I have gotten away from actually thinking about how much I eat at a meal so this is just a matter of getting back on track.

So there are is weekly fitness  goals for this week.  Let’s see how I do.



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