LukeandYodaSo, this week has been rewarding for me not because of miles or classes or even the almighty spin class that makes me feel so great.  This week I have successfully reached out and touched three people to help them.  Now all three assists were in the area of fitness so I really felt more like I was rambling on about stuff I love and maybe even coercing them jump into what they might currently consider “the dark side”.. which of course is my “Force”.  I’ll call these people my projects which I will work on.  fun projects.

My first project (my boss) accepted my invitation to run at lunch.  WOOT!  I love running partners because alas I run alone most days.  I’ll take company any day!  Now whether this happens in the next week or so we will see.  My invitation was for January so I am hopeful that he finds time, however,  this project is inordinately busy so I’ll give him some leeway. ..but just a little!  My hope for this project is that I can successfully persuade him to run a half marathon with me and in doing so help improve his pace.  I think it bugs him that I’m faster than he is so of course I LOVE sending him my times to keep him motivated.  I probably don’t motivate him as much as some of the crazy beers he drinks but hey.. it’s about the effort right?  LOL

My second project is my daughter who needs to find some physical activity in her life now that softball is over.  After admitting that I intimidate her I agreed to create a schedule that would allow us to workout together but do separate activities simultaneously.  To this she agreed and this makes me happy for two reasons. First, I now have a reason to work out more and I don’t have to say it’s because I am a nutball crazy exercise maniac!  I’m H-E-L-P-I-N-G someone. yeah that’s the ticket!  I am also happy because I really am helping her to live longer and to be healthier.

My third  project is another co-worker who I had the pleasure of taking to Zumba with me when I was doing Zumba.  She cracked me up because she said she doesn’t sweat…funny thing is SHE DIDN’T!  She wore a sweatshirt the entire time and didn’t even look moist.  I think the term she used was “glistening” hahaha  that made me laugh.  She’s a hugely funny New York transplant just setting roots here in good old Mass.  I like her a lot and talk her head off about exercise and what I do and what I like and what I want to do blah blah blah.  Anyway she stopped by my desk today probably because I have just worn her down.  She doesn’t have time or close resources to go to the gym or even get time to herself because she’s a great mom and wife and puts the needs of others before her own as do I.  So she asked about going out with me at lunch and we agreed that we would power walk to start because I don’t want to be responsible for killing someone the first time out!  hahha

So in essence I guess I am Yoda spreading the Force to all who will truly look inside themselves for strength and perseverance.  I am but a tool and a resource to help others improve themselves and I think that is the greatest task that someone on Earth can ever be given…to help others.



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