Kenny Got The Best Of Me Tonight!

First, you should know that I am a big believer of signs.  Remember that fact.  We’ll get back to that shortly

Kenny RogersI hate that Kenny Rogers commercial.   I mean I like him.  I don’t dislike him  but I don’t listen to his music voluntarily so he’s ok is what I’m saying.  Now I dislike the commercial not so much because I work for the greatest insurance company in Massachusetts (OH YEAH) but because I hate almost everything that the lizards and waitresses and chaos creeps stand for.  Every time that commercial comes on I perform a high caliber eye roll that may just disrupt the normal air waves in my general vicinity.  Despite my acquired dislike for all things less than acceptable I still sing that famous song “you got to know when to hold em.  Know when to fold em”  you know the rest and most likely you are singing or maybe humming it right now.


Anyway, today my shoulder hurts.  Not my actual shoulder but my millitary as i have come to know it which resides somewhere between my spine and the outer edge of my shoulder blade.  It is bothersome to take a deep breath in, irritating to move in certain directions and just kind of annoying.  STRIKE 1 I do not want to be out of commission on a serious basis.

So my day was like having a rock in my shoe only it was in my shoulder instead. My plan was to go to muscle class tonight anyway BOO YAH getting it done.  I had my clothes, shoes and my tude!  Ready for day 5 in a row in my new 2015 exercise routine.  This class was a bit deceiving when I took it last week but two days later I realized it worked WAY better  than I initially thought so I am a believer and now a regular.

It’s snowing as I drive home.  Well, snow-rain kinda thing and it’s not producing enough to actually coat my windshield but since it was raining out earlier and  the road is wet my windshield is dirty.  So in true girlie fashion I press the little button thingy waiting for the magic blue windshield washer stuff to give me back a clearer line of sight.  I wait and watch the windshield wipers move without lubrication.  Get your ever lovin mind out of the gutter because I know what you are now thinking because I did too. HAHA  Anyway no dice and no windshield washer cleaner.  STRIKE 2 I drive home squinting through the streaks.

I get home prepared to change and go armed with a bottle of water that I will most likely have to manually pour on my windshield while driving the 3 miles to the gym just so I can see.  Not really keen on that but till HB checks my fluid line to see if it’s blocked (it’s full so something’s not right) I have to improvise.  PS: I am the greatest improviser on the planet!  So I text HB to say I’m home and he informs me that the temperature is going to dump and the already slippery roads are going to be more like an ice skating rink later.  STRIKE 3  I do not want to be driving around in that all over a class at the gym.

Back to the signs.  I have experienced signs many times in my life.  Signs, not like STOP or Yield, but life signs.  The kind of signs that you have to be open to receiving, willing to interpret and apply to your life and awake enough to see when they are presented to you.  Everything happens for a reason and when you open your mind to possibilities great things can and will happen.  Miss the opportunities that are presented to you or refuse to believe in them and the opposite might just happen.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe in signs but have faith and believe anyway.

So the end of this story is that I’ve had enough roadblocks thrown in front of me tonight to see the signs and understand that for whatever the reason, I should not go to class.  Something will inevitably happen to me that will make me sorry I didn’t just stay home.  YA, I have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em…   Tonight I folded em.  I’m ok with this and have been working out long enough to know that you must take days off.  So I am.  Tomorrow is another day that hopefully will have less signs and warmer temps.



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