Winter Workout Reunion


This is my neighborhood today.  It’s pretty but it can go away now!  I don’t have a lot of tolerance for snow.  Pretty for 5 minutes then I start feeling it cramping my running routine and wish for spring soooooon!

So, yesterday before Mr. Winter decided to stop by for a visit, I opted not to go for a 3 mile run as scheduled because of ice.  Now i did not note particular sections of ice on the ground as I drove my route on the way to work, however, I didn’t want to chance injury just to say I got a run in.  So I opted to skip said run.  On the way home of course there was plenty of ice and snow as the storm was just getting warmed up.  So I was at two days of no workout which bugs the hell out of me especially after eating a piece of this:


cakeThis is the birthday cake that we devoured last night for Honey’s birthday.  Consumed after two days of no workout.  Needless to say today I was bound and determined to work it off.  It ended up being a very good workout.  After all with 18 inches of snow outside and growing what else did I have to do except work it.  So I created a home made circuit workout which was 10 minutes on the eliptical then on to arms.  From there I took it to obliques and then sit ups on my medicine ball and then squats.  Three times through and I was a sweaty mess.  I had forgotten how much I like working out at home.  About a year or so ago I was somewhat jacked for a 44 year old.  So I have this nasty storm to thank for the reunion with my home gym and a better than average workout for a Tuesday.  I need to get back to that because honestly I think it’s better than when I go to the gym to work out.


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