Bring On Spring!

springI’m sick.  not sick like sniffles, sick like hard to breath in without coughing my head off….sick like motion makes me cough up a lung sick!  Sick like so sick of snow and winter!  I’ve beat myself into submission a few times daily fighting the urge to hit the home gym.  I know if I do that I’ll just start coughing and then it will most assuredly travel south and camp out in my chest for many more days than I think I could tolerate.  I am trying to be still but three feet of snow in a week has smacked me into staying in the house and I’m going stir crazy.  I’m cranky, wheezy and not really all that personable right now.  Now in all fairness, part of that has nothing to do with running. Someday perhaps I’ll be able to see the positive but alas that is left for another day.  So today is day 4…. count em 4 of sitting still wishing I were even able to get on the treadmill.  Yes boys and girls I would even take the DM over sitting here dreaming about sweating.    Maybe tomorrow at lunch I’ll tempt the gym at lunch…I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself.  All done with snow and winter.  I’d take this cold because cold doesn’t bother me but being relegated to sitting on my butt for days is NOT COOL!  BRING ON SPRING!


HAPPY (wish I were) RUNNING!


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