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Just Like New Stuff!

makeupToday was a success since I was successful in getting to the gym like I wanted, ran 3 stupid miles on the DM like I wanted and then I ate like I wanted…because I was freaking starving!  Why the heck was I starving after 3 miles??  Tell me the answer to this please!  I ate two packs of oatmeal about 45 minutes before I left so I should not have been so hungry.  The kind of hungry that only a whole cow would fix…MOOOOO!

A half of a tuna and mustard on a bagel sandwich wasn’t quite enough but i threw the other half away before the old me could gobble it down.  Yeah the old me shows up once in a while and tries to boss me around but I kicked her butt like a NINJA and put her back in her place!

So I guess 5 days off will make a person hungry after 3 miles.  I can’t figure that one out but I guess I’ll settle back in in a day or two.  So I am happy that I feel like I broke out of a fitness prison in Moscow today which seems to have lasted a billion hours instead of just a mere 120.  Why is it that when you take many days off you feel, at least I do, like you are back at square 1 again.  Head scratcher.  I know I’m not but that’s how it feels.  Whatever.  I’m feeling better …like post constipation better for sure and rather happy about it.  I might have to do two fers for a few days to make it up to myself LOL!  Getting back on track is like buying myself new makeup or new running clothes!  LOVE IT!  Here’s a cheer to achieving (or attempting to) even 1/10 the definition of @shemarmoore (yum), continued laser focus like the days of mad running so long ago and the joy of spring running which is just around the corner THANK GOD!




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