Two-Fer blogSo today marks the first day I get back to the home gym in the morning.  Got hubby ready for work, fed and lunched up first.  Prepped coffee because morning is not good truly until java is in the air!  It has been a LOOOONG time since I’ve gone to the gym on a work day first thing in the morning.  I gave it up when I cut my routine prior to my half marathon last August in VA and never got back to it.  I have been struggling with time to get workouts in and absolutely wrestling lazy me to get my butt to the gym since pavement is well under 7′ of snow and no where to be seen anytime soon.  I’m relegated to the DM for several weeks and hate it like most of my running friends.  On top of it all, all this snow has cancelled 2 weeks of spin classes and prevented me from going on another week.  This week the holiday threw me off so really I don’t have an excuse for this one but I’ll lump it into the “everyone else’s fault” category anyway.

So long story short I got downstairs and did legs and abs.  Arms were Sunday and again tomorrow.  Whoo wee sounds like I actually have a weight routine shaping up.  LOL.  Tonight, since I cannot stay away from running I’ll head to the gym to run topping my day off with the firs two-fer since last summer.  I’m working on my summer shape as we all are I guess.  It helps that the kids are on vacation and don’t need me for breakfast and lunch making.  Yes I know they CAN make their own lunch, I choose to do that for them.  My choice and I’m ok with that.  We’ll see what next week brings when school resumes and I kick my butt back to spin again on Tuesday.  Looking forward to warmer weather and outside running again.  Looking forward to cashing in on some of the running company promises that have had to be put on hold.  Looking forward to fresh air and the sun on my face with no one to need anything, talk to or meet with for as many miles as I have on the agenda that day.  Here’s to Spring coming soon!



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