Sick of Snow

I’m sick of snow.  I want to go outside and run until my lungs hurt.  The DM has grown on me but then again I just do 3-6 miles these days and I’m not training at this point in time.  I kind of look forward to my dates with the DM because it’s all I have at the moment. snow This week I was pretty good at getting 4 weight workouts in.  Two for legs and two for arms both accompanied by abs.  I did manage I think three DM runs but without my Garmin to keep track I lost track.  It’s snowing again too and it’s going to turn to rain which means ice.  This means that if I decided to get outside and break all the safety rules, I would probably slide into oncoming traffic and die.  I can’t even justify a new pair of kicks for the lack of running I’m doing.  All I can say is that I’ll be happy when Spring starts peeking its head out of the snow!  RANT OVER.

HAPPY RUNNING (when we ever get back to it)


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