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I believe we have picked a race, my first this year, to run.  The Memorial Day races in the Berkshires in Mass.  If you haven’t picked up on it, I am a medal monger.  I run races because I like the medals.  This one sounded like fun because my son wants to run one which he postponed in the fall because football was just too much for him to train for a half marathon at the same time.  He said he wanted to do one in the spring and this one sounds nice.  The medals are dogtags which may be kind of cool, there’s a music festival over the weekend and we can go camping which we haven’t done in quite a while.  I’m most excited about running with my son.  It’s a personal goal for me but I’m not sure why.  I thought I’d have my races picked out and planned for the year already but I haven’t.  I also haven’t decided if I’ll run a full marathon yet despite my previous posts.  I believe I want to in my heart but I haven’t jumped in with both feet yet.  My reservation is that I will be doing it alone and I guess I don’t want to and I’m not really committed to it alone.  No accountability and well, just no fun.  So the first one seems to be picked out so with that we are rolling!  Now if all this snow would just melt I’d be happier.




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