So tonight when I finished work and went outside it was 50!  woot!  Thermometer_50C My plan was to go to the gym, like a good little winter runner, and hit the DM for my scheduled 3 miles.  I’ve become accustomed to the treadmill and look forward to it in a funky kind of way.  The one reason I like it is because there are no excuses for not going.  Weather is irrelevant, clothes are irrelevant…necessary but irrelevant LOL and time of day is irrelevant.  It’s always there for you and never gets mad when you leave it for the road when the weather turns nicer.  The moment I stepped outside my plan immediately changed.  Now that the sun stays up until 6:30 I thought it would be nice to run outside.  So I go outside and remember I gave my car to my daughter because I had gas and she did not.  That would be fine but I forgot to tell her to get air in the front tire.  I have to fill it every other day now …I need to get a new tire!  So she wasn’t far away and I didn’t want her to get air in the dark alone so I went and picked it up and headed to the magic air machine…BOOM :15 minutes of light gone.  Ok, I can still make it home, change and do 3 miles and be home before dark.  I get to Magic Air Machine and some kid is sitting in his car in front of it…what are you doing dude??!!  Get air or not  but get out of my way.  I’m on my way for the first outside run of 2015.  So I make it REALLY obvious that I’m waiting and he gets out …takes off all the air caps first  UUGGHHH and then fills the tires.  Then he puts all the caps back on one at a time.  DO YOU THINK he could have put them on as he filled the tires??  Ok, hes done and out of the blue….MR DINKUS jerkieswoops in in his ugly little car and gets air.


are_you_kidding_me__by_azilim-d3jpdedARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I was obviously waiting for my turn.  I wasn’t even parked properly in the spots next to the Magic Air Machine which clearly stated that I wasn’t going into the store.  SOME PEOPLE!  Now I”ve watched :25 minutes of beautiful golden sunshine ebb away.   So while I’m waiting for Mr. Dinkus up there to finish I start thinking about actually running outside.  Until now I had thought the breakdown lane that was visible, albeit small, would be just fine for a run but truly, the real issue are the 9 foot snowbanks on the street corners.  Even if I had room on the road to run without being mowed down I would not be seen coming around corners.  Most likely I’d end up as road pizza and that was the end of my outside running intentions, simple as that.  So off to the gym to beat out 3 miles like nobody’s business.  Probably a good thing.game over



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