Earthathon- What a good idea!

earthathonI may not have a running partner for real but now I have a running community!  I have been seeing many tweets with the hashtag   and   for a few days.  It obviously has been around longer since they did one in 2014.  I don’t think my community of running pals was part of it until this year.  Any way, someone suggested it to me and I just signed up.  It’s merely something to keep me motivated backed by a billion runners who, like me, just want to be part of something neat.  You run your regular runs whether they are training runs or fun runs and log the miles after they are completed.  The goal is to log a certain number of miles for the year.  You pick a team that you like and hop on the bandwagon and start posting your runs with your team hashtags  (your team hashtag will be different than mine) and #earthathon so everyone can see how you are doing.  Easy as that.  It’s sounds fun and is a motivation …not that I need one but who cares.  Fun is fun!  What are you waiting for?  Get yourself a team and get out and run!



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