Today’s Forecast…..I Don’t Rightly Care!

not giving a crapI ran OUTSIDE this week!  The snow has melted enough for me to reduce my death risk down to puddle dodging which can be tiring but not deadly or stupid.  It was so nice to be outside.  Despite the pelting icy rain that was following me I gave the weather the finger and kept running.  I just couldn’t run on the DM this day because it was 50 degrees out.  It was sunny when I went out and sunny when I finished and nasty rainy in the middle but I didn’t care.  I ran a respectable pace which I’m not really paying a lot of attention to since I”m just getting ramped up.  I will say one thing, it’s been a while since I used my Garmin and I guess I forgot the last pace display is that of the last mile not your overall pace! LMAO aah the little things you forget.  Well I’m officially considering the season open to limitless success’ and tons of runs morning, noon and evening.  May you have a great beginning too!



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