Settling In and Going …Anywhere I Want!

i can do anything blogI’m settling into the year.  Getting into the routine that will help me get through the year.  Getting into better eating and losing a few pounds to slim down because the winter weight that seems to have found me….HAS GOTTA GO SISTA!  I have given additional thought to running a full marathon and I think the only decision is whether I want to pull it off this fall or next.  I don’t see why i can’t do it this year because I’ve already run a half and I know I can.  I am running a half on memorial day and if I use that mark in the Hal Higdon novice marathon plan then I will hit marathon mark in August…. ick! August!  I may have to build in several weeks of fill in to push it back into the Fall versus the hottest time of the year here.  I think one of the challenges I am facing, self imposed of course, is pace.  I feel like I have to run at my faster pace and I’m not sure why but I am slowly wrapping my head around running at my more comfortable pace of around 9:15 per which would put a full at just under 4 hours…. did I just write that??!!  My subconscious mind had 4 hours as a goal for whatever reason, perhaps because I run a half in just under 2.  Who knows.  What I do know is that I believe I already know I can do it.   I just need to trust myself to pace down.  I don’t care about time for the first just like I didn’t care about pace for my first half.  It’s about finishing and feeling good doing so.  Now the question is which one would I do??

I didn’t start this entry to talk about that.  I actually just wanted to note that the season is officially here and I am happy about that.  FRESH AIR and 10 months of pavement pounding, race running, motivating myself and others to be the best that we can.  I joined the #earthathon “movement” and log all my miles for that which is kinda fun.  Tonight was a 3 night and I just enjoyed the fresh air.  It was nice.  I’m going to find me a running partner this year…or perhaps a group.  I think I’m missing that.  Running alone is lonely sometimes.


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