Why Do I Run?

RunnerGirl (1)I don’t run because I am competitive or love it like chocolate.  I don’t run to impress anyone but myself and those who wish to try.  I don’t run because I look beautiful or cool in spandex.  I don’t run because I am ever going to break any records or run the Boston Marathon.  I will run a marathon but one that no one really cares about.  I don’t run with anyone, I run alone.  I don’t run for others, I run for me

I run because I am strong.

I run to feel good

I run to enjoy being alive

I run to enjoy the seasons, sunsets and sunrise melodies

I run to enjoy my music

I run because the road is a great therapist

I run in the rain and cold and snow and heat because it toughens my outer shell that protects me

I run to stomp out pain and dull the deep ache that pulls on my chest

I run to breathe in new life so I don’t die early

I run for understanding, kindness and patience that seem to elude me

I run for self assessment and grounding

I run to remind myself that judgement is not my task but will be initiated when it is time

I run to find the lessons that I need to learn

I run to find answers

I run to remind myself that I can do anything and for a few short miles remember my potential

I run find peace

I run to find my smile

I run to help others realize that anything is possible

I run because some can’t

I run because I can

I run and run and run because what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger

I run.


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