Rain Running

Rain Running

rain runningToday I could have gone straight to the gym and wrestled with the DM to stay out of the rain.  I could have taken the easy way out to stay dry.  I could have watched TV to keep my mind busy for the quick 3 miles I was scheduled for.  I did NOT however, go to the gym.  I did NOT skip my run.  I went right home and put my running gear on, covered my phone with a lunch bag and outside I went.  I hit the road dodging puddles, wiping the rain from my face and laughing at myself for being silly enough to be out there getting drenched.  I kept a steady and slightly quicker pace than my sluggish seasonal start but it felt nice to push myself a little.  I saw some walkers covering up trying to hide from the rain while I just blasted through it getting wetter with every stride.  I am a fan of rain running because it makes me feel powerful and strong for some reason.  Love it every time!



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