Obey & Rest

no runningDay 4 no running.  Some days I move my running schedule around to accommodate things. My training schedule is T,W,Th and Sun runs.  Sunday being my long run.  This week I had to move Thursday because my son had his last driving class… yes another licensed driver on the road.  license

Not a big deal, I put it in my head that I would just run on Friday instead since Saturday is supposed to be a cross train day which I just haven’t been able to do well.  Story for another day.  So we skipped Thursday.  Now if you remember, on Wednesday of last week I went rain running.  I loved it and wrote about how much I do love to rain run,

bragged how awesome it is…..  I’m now paying for my rain run. Sick2I don’t get sick often. I believe I’m paying for rain running even though half my family is sick with something similar.  I’m now paying for it this weekend.  Back to the story.  So Friday rolls around and I have a little cough but generally feel ok.  I brought my gear with me to work so I could either go to the gym to pound out 3 miles on the DM or change and hit the road as soon as I got home.  By noon my eyes hurt, sick eyes    my cough was getting worse,cough

my throat was beginning to feel like ground beef ground beefand I was starting to fall asleep at my deskasleep at work.

I’m never sick.  In fact I have been one of a couple of recipients of the perfect attendance award at work for the last couple of years. Like I said, I”m never sick.  I knew when my eyes began to hurt it was time to go home and home I went.  blew off my run for my bed and there I stayed until today.  44 hours of bed.  I’m sick of bed.  I tried to get out of bed and did some cleaning and now I’m back IN bed feeling tired and a bit wiped out.  Today is my long run day.  I’m scheduled for 6..however when I put the training plan together for my half in May I built in a swing week just in case something like this happened.  Brilliant!  Anyway, as much as I’d like to get out there and do my run because I’m not good when I go several days without running, I know I can’t.  First I won’t be able to breathe..breathing is good and right now a deep breath at resting mode makes me cough up a lung.  Second, I will most likely have a setback and perhaps end up right back here in bed.  Finally rest is good even on the well days.  So I’ll stay here in bed again today with my achy eyes and sore throat and coughy self and suck it up like a big girl and rest because rest is good and well, I have a date with the road in two days that I’m not missing so today we rest.



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