Running Sick

Can’t Be Left Alone

irresponsible blogI’s true.  I should not be left alone.  Clarification, I should not be left alone when I am sick.  Why?   Because I do not take my own advice that’s why!  Here I am still sick from last week and probably causing this this stupid illness to be dragged out unnecessarily.  That’s one problem runners have in common.  We don’t always rest when we should rest.  We push the limits of health and wellness to the max.  While we focus on good food and rest each night and we follow our individual plans that lead us to our own well thought out and organized training plans, we neglect the moments that tell us we need rest.  Training is serious stuff.  Neglect training and you are screwed my friend!   I for one refuse to neglect training.  Now with that said I do give myself leeway such as skipping the extra week that I built in to  training to rest this last weekend.  I was really sick and pretty much bed ridden.  I didn’t mind doing that and I don’t mind adding in rest days between my mid week runs as long as  I get them in.  Linear people don’t like to skip steps.  I skipped yesterday so today I was going, sick or not.

First off, it sucked rocks! boooo1 I couldn’t breathe.  I struggled to maintain a 9.5 min mile (uugghhh) and I could feel my sore throat travelling south with every breath and sniff and snot swallow.  Gross I know but hey it is what it is right?!  No different than those who snot rocket which I personally refuse to do.  There’s a line and that is one I’m not crossing.  So tomorrow will tell exactly how much damage needs to be repaired before my next run on Saturday which is my next scheduled run.  I again state the obvious that I should not be left alone.  If someone were here babysitting me, and told me running outside was not a good idea right now, I might be swayed to not have gone.  Alas, and luckily for my stubborn self, I came home and briefly ran into my husband before running out before he could object.  I counted (not literally) every step of the 3 miles.  I talked myself through it and reminded myself not to quit.  One stop ater 2 miles just to catch my breath and I finished in less than 30 minutes which was the goal.

It might not have been pretty but it got done because I was left alone!  You gotta do what you gotta do!



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