Obey, Know, Push, Rest and Never Ever give up!

4r'sI have been sick for two weeks and struggling to stay on track with training for my half in May.  I need new sneaks which I believe is why my legs feel so heavy running lately.  That is on the short list to do soon.  I feel like I’m dragging a bag of rocks everywhere.  Anyway, I have tried to be good at rest days since getting sick with whatever is camping out in my chest and head.  I now have antibiotics helping me to fight the good fight and get better.   Every run over the last two weeks has found me stopping to catch my breath and rest my legs.  Sunday was my long run.  It was only 6 miles but it felt like 13.  I stopped 9 times over 6 miles which is horrible.  Yes horrible.  No way around that my friends, but everyone has bad days and you have to learn to accept them and try harder the next time.  I’m better at this now but I won’t lie, it still bugs me.  So one day at a time I just keep on trekking knowing that illness will pass.  Tonight I ran 3 miles on the DM because the rain forced me inside.  I’m ok with that because a run is a run even though it really isn’t.  I could have skipped and I did think about that but kicked my ass to the gym before I could put up too much of an argument.  So I ran without a break and hope to do it again tomorrow.  Outside if the weather cooperates.

Obey the training, know your limits, push where you can, rest when you must, never EVER give up!



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