I have been fighting illness for two weeks.  I’m not complaining, my husband has fought it for 5 so I’m lucky I guess.  I have been struggling to get back to “normal” feeling and happy running.  I miss happy running because these last 2.5 weeks have found me forcing myself to get out there and bitching the entire time I’m getting it done.  I don’t feel right and am fighting a couple of issues.

not easyIssue #1:  Making it through a run without stopping.

Yesterday I did a 7 mile long run and it was a bit of a struggle.  I am not sick per se any longer but I am still taking antibiotics so I guess I can’t say I’m “better” yet.  I feel better and the cough is nearly gone which I am really happy about.  Despite feeling better I am sucking on my long runs, however,  I am able to run my mid week 3 miles without stopping.  Baby steps.

Issue #2:  Need new shoes.  Usually I know I need new running shoes because the backs of my legs ache and throb after a long run.  This time around my legs feel like lead and I feel like I’m working much harder to propel myself along.  Despite feeling better I’m still stopping during runs because I feel so tired, especially my lead legs.  I think this is because of my shoes….it has to be.  I’ve been running nearly 4 years and never struggled as much as I have recently to get through a long run.  I really want to enjoy my run and the beautiful weather that finally has arrived.  I have even slowed down a bit to try to make it easier to breathe but all I find myself doing is counting steps and miles even with music blaring in my ears.  Not a happy place to be in but I’m hoping that after I get new shoes, I’ll feel better and be able to refocus on the run experience.  My goal for tonight is to get new kicks and break them in a mile or two.  It’s my off day but I’ll totally head out just to break them in.

Isssue #3:  This is probably the challenge of correcting what’s not right and moving back into happy running, better splits and being race ready which I haven’t been able to challenge myself to because of how I’m feeling.  With 5 weeks until race day I feel behind the 8 ball even thought I’m on track with training… gotta get some better times in.  The last thing I want is to have a slowest ever race.  I don’t mind matching a previous time but I definitely do not want to be slower.  Just a mental thing I guess.  On to a better week with new shoes and a hopeful outlook.



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