New Kicks!

First of all I am one of those very loyal runners…meaning when I find a brand I like I usually don’t switch without good reason.  I started with Asics which were good beginning runner shoes.  Once I stuck with my running, and upon suggestion of a runner who does tons of research, I switched to his brand Saucony.  I love them a lot and I have worn them for most of the 4 years I have been at this crazy sport.  As I wrote yesterday my legs have been so heavy lately and I haven’t pinpointed whether it’s because I’m recovering from illness or because my kicks areNew kicks8 months old…yeah I know, way overdue.  Anyway last night I sucked it up and went to the local sporting goods / gear store and picked up new shoes.  I didn’t like the feel of the Sauconys that they had in stock and I wasn’t going to another store and I most definitely was NOT waiting one more day for new shoes.  I was leaving with shoes even if it meant buying a different brand.  I ended up with the Reebok Quickchases.  They have memory foam in them and honestly the lip cushion and the memory foam sold it for me.  My toes loved it but only a few runs will tell if it holds up.  At $45 on sale I’m not going to complain if I hate them and have to go buy me some Saucony runners.  Another benefit was that they were having this ridiculous sale on running clothes ($16.99 from $78….yeah I bought everything I liked at that blowout sale).  So I am really excited to get out there today rain or shine to try everything out.  I haven’t really wanted to go because of how I have been feeling but I hope today proves my theory on needing new shoes and that I get out of the slumpy running blah’s that I’ve been stuck in.  Stay tuned!


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