A Good Night

runnerTonight I had a great time on not one but two runs.  That’s right two.  Why two you might ask?  I did two runs tonight because the first was a run with a co-worker  friend of mine.  In true Brenna fashion, I did my best to twist her arm, bribe her with a post run dinner and reassure her that I would let her set the pace.  It worked and she was rather enthusiastic to come out with me.  I spent the day reassuring her not to worry about running with me.  I think I intimidate people with enthusiasm.  I guess I just want people to feel about running like I do.  I do NOT love running all the time but I do love running for many reasons.  It sucks to be out of breath.  It sucks to run when you’re sick.  It sucks to run when it’s 19 degrees out.  There are many reasons that try to knock me down but when they come calling I recall why I started running in the first place and it motivates me right out the door.  I want to help someone find their own reason for starting and never stopping.  Selfishly it would be nice to have someone to run with too.

So we finish the work day and change to head out.  I was happy that she had the right shoes since she has run in the past she’s comfort zonenot a total newbie which is good.  She was well dressed and didn’t go all crazy trying to look cute…my kind of chick!  I do have new duds that I bought this week but normally I wear out my running gear until there are holes and the colors don’t really say anything but sad sack.  She also brought water with her which was good because I was going to bring some for her just incase.  So we planned for 3 and ended up deciding that 2 was more realistic for her for day 1.  I only did 1 my first day out so she surpassed me.   We did the day 3 program for C25K which was a run 1 min / walk 1 min,  run 3 min/ walk 3 min REPEAT.  Most of this run we did  a r3 / w3  because she set the pace and I kept time.  She did so good.  She didn’t quit, she finished the times she decided on at each leg, she drank water and didn’t pass out.  She gave me 2 miles that she wouldn’t have done without being pushed and 2 more miles than she did  yesterday.  She said how much her brain wanted to stop and as for the “why people would do this crazy thing that leaves you out of breath, coughing up all kinds of goo and generally feeling like collapsing the entire way” wasn’t really answered for her at this point.  Regardless of all the reasons to do so, she didn’t quit and I am very proud of her!

be an inspiration blog postAt the end of our run I left and went home.  When I got there I didn’t go in the house.  I decided that since she gave me 2 hard miles without quitting that I would give her 2 more miles…and I did.  I ran 2 more miles which didn’t take long but I felt like I owed it to her for not quitting.  Running is hard and if I can just reassure her over the next few weeks perhaps I might be a bit of an inspiration to her finding a little joy in something that brings me so many rewards.  I felt good in knowing I helped her get out there and hope I didn’t drive her crazy with my “doing good” and verbally noted time benchmarks so she knew how much farther she had to go in a set.  we ran, we walked and we talked and it was a good time.  I hope she braves it again next Wed.




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