decisions blog postI have not had a “good” long run since the very beginning of training.  I got sick right around the 4 mile long run mark and still feel like I’m fighting to get air in my lungs.  I’m still stopping several times during runs, especially on Sunday and this last Sunday was not exception.  As a matter of fact, I had to stop for good at the 6.68 mile mark and call my son to pick me up due to a bathroom issue.  I just can’t get ahead it seems these days.  So I definitely do not feel like I’m properly trained for this race we are considering in May.  In fact my husband is doing it just to “finish” and I’m probably there too …so I now ask myself WHY.  Why am I doing this?  There is no good reasoning to pay for the race that I’m not really “feeling” and although I am no quitter, I would prefer to want to and feel good about a race rather than just doing it to say I did it.  I’m seriously considering not signing up for it.  There is no fanfare or fun things for the kids to do, the race that we were going to do has folk music which I don’t think the kids would really “appreciate” and driving 3 hours to run a race that honestly my heart and mind are not into is just not exciting to me.  I think I’ll pass on this one and jump into another when I’m mentally focused and feeling better.  So for now I will keep running 3-5 times a week for me and to stay fit.



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