Wisdom Teeth: The Blessing In Disguise

blessings in disguise postYesterday I took my eldest son to his consult to have his wisdom teeth extracted.  This is the same doctor that took my daughter’s wisdom teeth out.  They give him the panoramic x-ray and we sit waiting for the Doctor.  Everything goes routinely, he tells us John should have all 4 out which is not a surprise, he gives us the rundown of how the day will go and then escorts us to Lauren to schedule the appointment.  Due to school commitments and other previously scheduled things we cannot get him in before the third week in May.  Before I know it we’re scheduled for May 21….the Thursday before the half marathon / marathon we were planning to sign up for.  My husband is not known for proactivity WAY in advance like me but it’s a good thing he isn’t.  We would have a problem if he was.  Our race plan was to camp on Fri-Mon of Labor Day weekend with the race on Sunday.  John won’t be up for camping the day after such big surgery and what if he runs into problems.  We’d be at least 2-3 hours away from our own medical facilities.  I don’t expect problems but why risk it.

Now I’m not disappointed because if you have read any recent prior postings I have been struggling with training for several reasons.  I don’t feel ready to run a half marathon and I know my husband isn’t despite the fact that he would say he is fine.  He’s doing too much and as much as I try to let him manage his activities and be a grown up, I’m secretly glad that we can’t do this race.  He’s burning both ends working and building sets for the upcoming play until 11 pm every night and putting up a fence on the weekends and managing a second job… the list goes on.  I won’t tell him so but I’m happy we are being forced to pass on this race.  I’m happy for me and for him as well.  There will be other races for sure.  I could have chosen a different week for John’s surgery but given how hard it is to get an appointment I took the first available without thinking.  I’m ok with it and it’s probably the blessing in disguise I had been wishing for.



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