Running Friends

Wednesdays are My New Favorite Day

Wed is my new favorite dayLast night I did my new and weekly run with my work friend.  I like these runs because I have no expectations beyond finishing and although I run at her pace, secretly I am grateful because these are the days I just run and have fun.  When it’s just me I beat myself up the entire trip.  I am like a drill sargeant that makes me want to cry.  Why this is I do not know but once per week I get a break from that lady and I have a great time.  It’s relaxing not to feel like I’m in competition with myself and to notice the details of the waning day and the setting sun.  I notice things like the shape of the sand piles on the road, the sound of the little creek that we run by 10 times.  I hear birds and children and run around getting high 5’s from anyone outside because I’m having fun.

My friend is NOT having fun yet but she laughs when I do stupid shit to make her smile and take her mind off the fact that she wants to stop even if it’s just for a moment.  She’s a tough cookie and stubborn like myself.  She wouldn’t quit because that’s not her style.  She might overdue it but not with me.  I look forward to Wednesdays a lot and hope she does too.  Next week is the end of our committed time.  I only set a goal of four weeks so that by the end she could re-evaluate and set new goals for the next 4 weeks.

You see this is my secret way of getting running friends…motivate and inspire them until they are hooked LOL!



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