Let’s Just Be a Bit More Realistic

be realisticI love helping others find their motivation.  Sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere and sometimes they stick with it.  Either way I win because I’m still out there doing what makes me feel good so it’s a win-win for me!  I wish everyone liked running / fitness as much as I do but that just isn’t realistic.  I believe, much like an alcoholic, that everyone needs to find their rock bottom before they are motivated enough to stick with it.  I did believe for a while that it was my responsibility to stick with it with them until they loved it. Alas, that was unrealistic.  I used to feel guilty if they hated it because I felt like it was my bad coaching that failed.  That too was unrealistic.  I can’t make anyone love running or exercise.  I know this.  All I can do is give a little, be supportive and then like the parent teaching their child how to ride a bike without training wheels, I must let go and see what happens.  I believe this is more the role I am supposed to play.  Give advice, lead by example then hand over the reigns and let them take it from there.  As I said, it’s a win-win for me no matter what happens because I’ll still be running so good for me!



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