Working Hard and Not Quitting

working hardSo I have been trying pretty hard to add regular weight days to my weekly fitness routine.  It’s been a true struggle because I’d rather just run.  I have no trouble trading weights for my kicks any day of the week.  Last week I did really well.  Two weight days and 4 running days.  This week I did trade running for weights tonight but it’s still a bonus to have one down for the week.  I figure I’ll do T,F, Sat running, Wed weights and Thurs off.  Something like that anyway.  If I can get two more solid well rounded weeks in then I should have a good routine and it should become the habit that I stick to.  One day at a time is all we can do.   I will say that the urge to eat is killing me…I think I liked it better when I was depressed and didn’t eat for days or ate salad, water and coffee as my staple diet.  I didn’t think about food or really want food and it was just easier but easier isn’t fun or healthy I’ll keep focused.  My daughter is doing really well with her running and eating well.  I’m proud of her for keeping at it.  It’s the first time she’s stuck with exercise of any kind on her own volition.  That keeps me motivated to try to be a good example for her.  I don’t know if she sees me as an example but I’ll just imagine that I help her stay focused and call it a day.  It’s a great day.



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